Insight Seminars will guide you on a path to find your joy, discover what you love, and connect with your true self.
The Path of Insight is a journey to bring you more fully into your authentic self and loving heart.
The Path begins with Insight I: The Awakening Heart Seminar. Each Seminar builds on the last, offering deeper and more profound opportunities for creating a life you absolutely love.
Date/Time Event
29/09/2017 - 01/10/2017
All Day
Insight I London, 29 Sept - 1 Oct
Learn and laugh with Insight Seminars

Columbia Hotel, London
06/10/2017 - 08/10/2017
All Day
Insight Kids Seminar Brighton, 6 - 8 Oct
Insight Kids Seminar

Hilton Brighton Metropole, Brighton
15/11/2017 - 19/11/2017
All Day
Insight II London, 15 -19 November
Insight Seminars UK

Columbia Hotel, London

All events

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If you complete all sessions of the Insight I Seminar and you are not satisfied with the results, we will refund your full tuition.


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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work for me – and something else that does

I used to make lists every December of the things I wanted in the coming year. They were usually pretty similar, year on year ..... 1. Lose half a stone 2. Cut out sugar 3. [...]

  • Ginny Fraser coach and facilitator giving speech

How We Can All Be Champions in Our Own Lives

I was inspired to write this blog watching Serena Williams win the Wimbledon Women’s Singles and then a few hours later, she also landed the Women’s Doubles with her sister, Venus. Stunning. I was so [...]

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Understanding Anxiety and Dealing with It

Anxiety is an intrinsic part of life of a modern man with so many expectations and pressures that are put on us by ourselves and others. We either accept and live with it, or try [...]

Top Tips for Conscious Communication

Insight Seminars take each individual on an adventure of developing their self-awareness and confidence by sharing the tools and techniques needed for greater levels of success in all areas of life, including better personal & professional [...]


Arianna Huffington

"The best way I could describe Insight, keeping in mind that if it could be adequately described we would not need fifty hours to experience it, is as an opportunity to discover, in ways that lie much beyond the mental, what we are and what our relationship to our world [...]

Jason Peterson

"Insight was a great adventure - exciting, refreshing, exhilarating, never dull, fascinating, more challenge than any expedition I've ever done and it made a permanent change to the level I live my life at in every sphere." - JP, Adventure Tour leader

Brian Howell, Psychologist

"Insight is the best course I have ever been on - and the most powerful. I'm on psychologist, a bit of a sceptic, and I'd been on loads of courses. So, when someone told me about Insight I, I thought 'there can't be anything new in it.' Eventually I did [...]

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Mary Ann Somerville

Mary Ann Somerville - the lead facilitator Mary Ann is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, executive coach and facilitator who has been helping clients for over thirty years to clarify their vision, expand their leadership capacity, communicate authentically and access the wisdom of their organizations to achieve extraordinary results. Mary [...]

Joe Hubbard, Insight CEO

Joe Hubbard, Insight Seminars CEO and Facilitator Joe Hubbard has dedicated the last 25 years to facilitating motivational, life and work altering seminars as well as strategic planning and facilitation to thousands of people and firms all over the world. From the general public, to sports teams and large corporations [...]

Russell Bishop, Creator

Russell is a recognised expert in personal and professional development. As the founder of Insight Seminars, he has extensively transformed personal lives and professional organisations ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies and to lecturing at MBA programmes.

Peter Felsmann

Peter is a performance enhancement consultant, creating bespoke performance and career goals for professional athletes, while also working with strategic positioning for Fortune 500 companies. He has a long standing relationship with top execs at Microsoft as a productivity consultant.

Ruth Rochelle

Ruth Rochelle - Insight Seminars Facilitator Ruth Rochelle was born in London. She studied Architecture at university. Loves movies, walking the dogs and warm weather. Ruth has been working in the field of motivation, communication and personal development since 1980. She spent five years heading up Insight in the UK, and then [...]

Ginny Fraser

Ginny Fraser - Insight Seminars Facilitator Ginny Fraser has been facilitating with Insight since 1990 in her native UK and around the world. She also ran the UK Insight business for six years. Ginny has a Bachelors degree in Communication and facilitates and coaches in the business and education sectors, [...]


Insight has been around for nearly 40 years and over one million people have taken part in our Seminars around the world. Back in 1978, John-Roger and Russell Bishop designed the original Insight Seminars, to give people very practical and accessible tools for living a successful life. Insight does not teach any religious doctrine of any kind. Insight was born from universal truths of loving, acceptance, and personal responsibility as dynamic and practical guides to living life. These principles form the basis of our three ground rules that drive all of the work we do:

  • Take care of yourself so you can help take care of others
  • Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others
  • Use everything for your upliftment, growth and learning

Today Insight is an independent educational organization with offerings around the world, welcoming and embracing people of all faiths, beliefs, creeds, colors, and genders.

Primarily through personal referrals and word-of-mouth, well over one million people have attended Insight Seminars throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Israel, South America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean Basin, Puerto Rico, Africa, and Australia.


Your happiness in life starts with following your heart.